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Feeling Productive…
Posted on Jun 21, 2010 in Life

Evening All, it’s a brand new week and I feel motivated for a change. I’ve been a bit productive lately as managed to empty out my Gmail inbox, and RSS Reader, all I need to do now is complete all those outstanding tasks I’ve got listed in Remember the Milk.

First I’ll give you a Diet Update. At Last weeks weigh in, which I never got around to blogging about, I had lost a 1lbs, and this weeks, which was done this very morning showed another 3lbs lost. So I have not lost 20lbs since 17th April (35 days). This week I’m add some more exercise (on top of Karate Training), I’m going to be doing onehundredpushups and twohundredsquats. I’ve complete Week 1, Day 1 for them both today.

Some family news (there will be a lot more of this in future). I’m officially married again, as my replacement Wedding ring has arrived.

Speaking off the family. Last weekend we visited Stewart’s Park, as the Fun Fair was there and it was the Help for Heroes fun-day, with things like World War 2 re-enactments, and World War 2 armories to view. There was a child’s assault course, which Conor had a go on.

We saw the local Police Helicopter landing and taking off from very close range. We also visited the Army Cadets’ tent, and had a look what is in an 24 Hour Army ration pack  (a special Yorkie bar, which is not for civies). Conor thinks he might join the cadet’s when he is old enough. I’m sure he’ll change his mind in the next two years he has to wait.

The fair was great fun too, although Conor would only go on the Bumpers Cars and the Jumping Frog rides with me, and I think I enjoyed the Jumping much more than he did.

I’ve been enjoying the Football at the World Cup, despite missing Today’s seven goal match. I’m not bothered by the Vuvuzelas like everyone else seems to  be. However what has made this World Cup more interesting is the ability to gamble (not with real money, mind) on the results on the ObscureInternet Forum.

While we had a spot of Sun I manged to get on top the gardening, however given these bouts of Sun followed by Rain, I’m sure it will not be longer I’ll need to do it all again.

This weekend (just gone) me and Conor had a nice walk into Town (and back) so he could pick some Games for his Birthday. This really was just an excuse for us to visit all the games shops in the town play some games and talk about stuff from E3. It also was a sneaky bit of exercise, as we got in about 5 miles of walking.

In other bits of Conor news he’s got the Panini World Cup Sticker book. Which reminded me of my Mexico 86 Panini World Cup Sticker books from all those years ago. Also Conor has a date for his end of School prom, he was asked by a nice young girl who was the recent winner  of School talent contest. We didn’t have Junior schools proms in my day, and I don’t remember getting asked to any dances, so fair play to the lad. Oh, he still daft like, on Sunday he gave me a Father day card he had forgotten to sign.

I’m still reading. I’ve recent read both Watership Down and Animal Farm (from my Books to read list for 40 things) and have started to read Black Beauty (All animal related).  Watership Down is a great book, I wasn’t expecting it to be so good, because I think it had it down as being rather depressing after watching the cartoon when I was little. If you’ve not read it, I insist you go and read it as soon as possible. I’ve also recently finished listening to the Audiobook of  Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman. It’s a prequel to his His Dark Materials trilogy, and worth checking out if you read the Trilogy. I’m now listening to The Teaching Company’s History of the United States, after enjoying their History of Russia course last year.

Game playing wise I’m pretty much addicted to playing GTA IV at the moment. I’ve even given the Multiplay, and that seems like fun too.

In website news (you’d knew I’d get there at some point) ObscureInternet has a new design, it’s what I’ve called Version 3.3 Update. It now has a fancy new featured articles bar, with images from eight random but recent articles and a new footer (which I’m not completely happy with)


If you want to have a look at the evolution of the ObscureInternet design, pop over to my DeviantArt Page, I’ve uploaded some images there.

WordPress 3 has been released so both this Blog and ObscureInternet have been updated. I’ll be working on a new design for the this blog soon, as I’m very bored with the existing design.

Finally my first article for Obsolete gamer is now up and available for reading. I’m not completely happy with it, but it’s a start.

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