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Posted on Jun 7, 2010 in Books, Fitness, Life

When I rack my brain for memories it does appear I do have some sort of a rudimentary  life. In the last post I failed to mention that I’ve been to another Wedding, and a 18th birthday party celebration recently.

I also meant to mention the books I bought while travelling to and from Ireland. WHSmith were having a half price sale (in their Airport and Train station shops only) so I picked this lot up.


Speaking of books, which I believe I was, I’ve been reading quiet a bit lately. I’ve read the following books in the last week or so, Sh*t My Dad Says, The Twits, Artemis Fowl, The Death of WCW, and The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ. Two of those are my 100 Books to read list!

Oh, and if you are wondering when I’m going to update my 40 things last, I plan to do it in the first week on August.

My only bit of website news this time, is that I have started to write for Obsolete Gamer. So keep any eye out for my posts on some classic Video games.

Since my diet posts are about as popular as the ginger one from Sex and the City, I’ll just briefly mention that Week 3 of the Diet is complete, I’ve now lost 16lbs and my Body Fat is now under 23%.

Finally, the wife and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary at weekend, and I celebrated in typical fashion by losing my Wedding ring. Frustrating, but what can you do. A replacement has been ordered and I’m just waiting for it to arrive.

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