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A Smaller Diet Update
Posted on Jul 1, 2010 in Fitness, Life

Just a quick update on the diet for those who are internested, and before you think no one is interested I’ve recently heard that @londonfilmgeek was inspired by my updates to give the Vegetarian low Carb diet a go.

Another week gone and the diet is still going well. Monday’s weigh in showed a loss of another 3lb since the week before. My total weight lost is now a rather massive 23lbs. Wii Fit tells me I’m at my ideal BMI and I’m beginning to see parts of my body I haven’t seen it a long time, so I’m beginning to think this may not need to lose a lot more weight (I had originally planned to lose another 9lbs) and that  I just need to continue to get my BodyFat Percentage down, which is now just over 21%, quite a bit down from over 25% it was five weeks ago. I’ve completed one week of one hundred press ups and two hundred squats and I did some other exercises last week, but I think I need to spend more time exercising.

Being smaller is a great excuse to buy news clothes, so yesterday I popped into town and bought myself a few Small T-Shirts, and a pair of Jeans with a 30inches waists

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