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Out Twice, Contacts, and upcoming Birthday.
Posted on Jul 2, 2010 in Life

Pepsi MaxLast week saw a very rare occurrence. Suzanne and I went out twice! On Wednesday we were at a charity night out. It’s was a good night, thanks to the diet I drank Pepsi Max all night, two of the them did have shots of vodka in them, but don’t worry about it there is no Carbs in Vodka.  The second night out was on Saturday and was a early celebration of Suzanne’s Birthday. I will not tell you how old she is, but I will tell you we celebrated at a BBQ her mate hosted at her place. It was Quorn Burgers and Sausages for me, and I was driving I was on the Pepsi Max with no Vodka.

I had my first Eye Test in three years at the weekend, and for a change I thought I would go back to wearing Contact Lens. I used to wear Contact Lens about 12 years ago before I first met the Suzanne, but when we moved into together and Conor came along I forgot all about them and went back to wearing glasses. Having worn Contact Lens in the past I though this time have the fitting would not be embarrassing as the first, in which I was a complete baby and very rubbish at getting the lens in my own eyes, however the long years of not wearing Lens have taken there toll and I could put the lens in at first so I felt like a complete tool. I did get them in eventually and I’m going to be trying them out for a week, just to make sure I’m still OK with them, but I shouldn’t have any problems.

My Birthday 35th (and the 40thing update) is approaching a little more quickly than I would like. I plan to soften the blow this year with a new phone the HTC Desire and I’m also thinking of treating myself to a Xbox 360. I should be able to get one cheap, as the new Slimmer model is out soon. Also if I get one that has been banned from Xbox Live, as I’m not bothered about playing online, it should be even cheaper. Let just see if I can get to August without changing my mind about buying one.

As you have hopefully noticed by now, the blog has gone through a redesign, this is mostly because I’ve been playing with Fireworks lately, I forgot how good it is for website design. I’ve got another few project in development at the moment which I’ll tell you all about when they are closer to completion.

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