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40 Things – Five Years to Go
Posted on Aug 23, 2010 in 40 Things

Time is passing, it’s now less than five years until I will hit forty years old. So he’s an update on what progress I’ve made over the last year towards 40 things to do before I’m 40.

Updated 40 things

  • Have a piece of writing published – (10% Complete)
    I’m marking this one as 10% Complete, as I’ve had an article on Obsolete Gamer posted. I have plans to continue writing for Obsolete Gamer, and to start writing for some other websites too.
  • Learn to cook, properly. – (10% Complete)
    I’ve started to cook the majority of my own meals, but they are only simple meals. I beginning to wonder, how I should define being able to ‘cook, properly’ properly.
  • Sort out a proper diet, so I eat many different health foods – (100% Complete)
    After a bit of research I finally got a diet sorted a few months back. I’m now eating healthy and making sure I get all my required dietary supplements.
  • Have 15% or less body fat – (95% Complete)
    Not long ago I posted about my Body Fat being measured at 15.5% which make me just short of my goal of 15%. You might also remember I abandoned a goal of 10% body fat as I thought it was overly optimistic goal. I think when I hit this goal, I’ll replace it with the 10% goal again.
    Twenty books read now, and I can’t say I really fancy reading many of the ones left, but I’ll keep plodding on.
  • Join a Gym. – (100% Complete)
    I also posted recently about joining the gym, so this one is complete.

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll get some more of this completed before this time next year. Keep an on posts using the 40 things tag for further progress,


  1. Stormkeeper says:

    I don’t think I’ve completed any of mine yet although some of the larger ones are slowly getting organised. I should actually start on some of the more easily accomplished ones though.

  2. molangui21 says:

    Hi: It is good to have goals in life. As a young, I used to have goals but now I live on the basis of “let` see whatever happens”. I am 55 years old. Good luck, Glen.

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