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My New Toy – The HTC Desire
Posted on Aug 3, 2010 in Technology

I have a new toy, and this time it’s the rather wonderful HTC desire.

It’s something I’ve been after for a while, so on my contractual renewal data, I headed off to my local 3 shop with the assumption the shop would give better service than ringing 3 customer services. I Advised them of the phone I wanted and the tariff. The cheapest tariff was actually 2 quid more expensive than other carriers (e.g. Vodafone) for this phone however I since I my contract wasn’t finished I thought that wasn’t an unreasonable price to pay.

The staff at the shop attempted to process my upgrade, but there was a problem with the computer system. I had to sit there for 30 minutes while they attempted to phone my order (and another customers) through to some internal helpline. After waiting thirty minutes (without the store offer anything like an apology for waiting of anything) I was told I couldn’t have the tariff I’d chosen and I would have to pay other 3 quid a month (making it now five quid more than their competitors) and again I wasn’t offered an apology for the stores mistake. Now five pound a month extra is a lot of money when you consider I’d be paying for the lifetime of the 24month contract. It actually costs more than buying out the remainder of my contact (which had about four months remaining on it) and getting the phone from Vodafone. So I left the store rather angry and without a new phone.

When I got home I give the 3 customer service line a ring to cancel my contract, so I could swap over the Vodafone. However the nice Gentleman I spoke to one the phone, did not want to let me leave 3 and offered me a rather good deal with a tariff that was actually 3 quid less than Vodafone’s and 8 quid less than what I was offered in store, and with a few extra things thrown in too (e.g. picture messages). So I decide to accept the offer and stay with 3, at least I don’t have to worry about getting a new number.

So the phone arrived last  Tuesday. I gave it a charge, and then gave it a go. It’s the first touch screen phone I’ve ever owned (my last phone Nokia E71 having a full screen keyboard) and it takes some getting use to, I’m still getting use to it now a week later. but the phone it self is awesome. It is more like a mini Linux PC than a phone. I am very impressed with how Android works and with how it manages contacts. It lets you merge contacts very easily pulling contact information from your phonebook, GMail contacts, Facebook and Flickr. So your contacts will have an email, phone number and profile picture (where available).

The ability to quickly install applications from the Android Market is very good too. You can even get Frodo (Commodore C64 emulator) for Android, as shown on the picture below.

I’m still playing with it and trying new applications all the time so expect more posts about it soon.


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  2. Stormkeeper says:

    I’m trying to get one of these myself at the moment… admittedly, because I’m trying to get one for less than 180 on eBay, I’m finding it a tad hard so I may have to step it up to 200 instead. A friend of mine tells me that the phone is great, and I’d be inclined to agree, given I had a play of the one at my new local CEX store. This would be my second completely touchscreen phone once I manage to get it, although it’d be my third Android (and HTC) device!

    I have a Tattoo at the moment and I honestly don’t really like it that much on the whole, though it is an okay phone.

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