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Posted on Sep 16, 2010 in Blogging, Life

So after my success in getting my weight down. I’ve been looking at my goals again lately.

The idea is to use Remember the Milk to manage my short term (life, website and work) tasks and 43things for my long term goals.

I’ve got a Remember the Milk  pro account and the android application installed on my HTC Desire. So all I need to do there is start using it full time to manage my goals.

I’ve been using 43things for quiet a while. Lately I’ve being trying to add the majority of my 40 things to do before I’m 40 to 43things as well as adding some new long terms goals that I need to focus on. Such as

I let you know how this all goes.


  1. I was entertaining using that myself to be honest, but I’m so behind with updating my websites, that it slipped my mind. I have at least started to use a diary though, in an effort to keep more organised. I imagine it’ll be a good few months before using my diary kicks in properly, but I’m getting there!

    Remember the milk might be a good idea for me though, to use in conjunction with my diary, if I can remember to update it! As for writing 10 articles, good luck with that… I’m having issues with writing one a month at present, although that may change as I get more of my specialist blogs online. Hopefully you’ll have an easier time trying to get to bed early; me on the other hand, my sleep patterns are through the roof and sometimes through the ceiling… I can’t stabilise mine as of yet, but then there’s most likely a logical reason for that.

    I’ve been thinking about getting a CompTIA A+ and N+ certificates in order to round off my computer hardware knowledge and also get a job with it, but it appears I may have to find a way of funding it myself somehow. I’d love to go back to uni, but that’s pretty unlikely at present, so I may as well try to further myself through less academic means.

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