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Posted on Jan 25, 2011 in Links

t been a while since I’ve done any recommended blog posts or indeed recommended blogs, so to make up for that I thought I would be nice enough to provide what blogs I think you should be reading (in no particular order)


The blog that start it all, you can blame this Jamie for inspiring me to start blogging when I discovered his blog back in 2001 when it was hosted on


Recently relaunched and now updated on a regular basis, this blog offers rare no holders barred look into Lemonpillow‘s life.


Jennifer Williams, one half of the sadly not longer updated boxroom postcast, has a newly moved blog where she talks about her love of creepy stories and writing. The blog also has some excellent short stories to read.

I’m Not Doctor Who

Pete Davison‘s one a day blog. How it updates this daily with some many words while keep the quality so high is amazing and it even comes with a comic most days too! It makes this blog look like dog sick.

Igor’s Darkened Corner

Evil Dave‘s, of the InsideOutcast podcast, personal blog covers a lot of different topics such as Muscle Memory, Serial Killers and Iron Man. Like the insideoutcast it is always very well researched.


An excellent retro blog ran by RetroKingSimon which looks at, amongst other things, movies, and anime and games. You won’t be surpised to hear my favourite posts are those looking at old games such as JetPac, and Rolling Thunder

Obsolete Gamer

Although it feels like it was only set up about five minutes ago, Obsolete Gamers has been going from strength to strength. With hundreds of posts and videos, it’s seemly updated every time you blink. A great gaming website that look at games new and old and what is going on in the gaming industry.

A Commodore Geek’s Blog

If you are like me, by which I mean a massive Commodore computers fan, you’ll think this recent discovery is an excellent site. Full of interesting information about the lesser known machines, interesting facts and information about the new models from Commodore USA.

If your blog is missing from this list then it’s probably because, I forgot about it (I follow a lot of blogs so even I follow yours I could have forgotten about it), I don’t know about it  or because you don’t update it often enough. So get updating your blogs and leave me a comment and I’ll check it out.


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