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Looking back on 2010
Posted on Jan 3, 2011 in Life

Just like I did in 2008 and 2009 it’s time to look back on the last year and then complain that I didn’t get a lot done.

So look back at 2010 I’d say I didn’t get a lot done! There you go, post finished. Nah, just kidding although the general idea is right. I didn’t get a lot done. I however did make a  few steps in the right direction. The key to getting all this sorted is religiously sticking to GTD (Getting things done), it’s very easy to get a few things done and then stop following the system which happen a lot in 2010. So the key to 2011 is to stick to it the system. Document the task, process the inbox and complete those items.

Highlights of the year that I can actually remember include;

Finally here is 2010 in somewhat random photos.

While putting this together I’ve noticed that I don’t take as many photo I use too, they are lots of events I don’t have a single photo for. So more photos will be taken next year. Music is by Serge P more about it here.

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