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Pancakes and Pointless exercises in self improvement
Posted on Mar 13, 2011 in Life

It’s lent, so again this year I crowd sourced my facebook and twitter contacts for suggestions on things to give up for lent.

  • Cornflakes (Lee) – A bit of strange one this, as I don’t eat cornflakes, and obviously crunchy nut cornflakes are too nice to give up.
  • Social Networking (Bill) – Ha, Never!
  • Lent/Giving up – (porterdarren/Mick)
  • Scat porn (Mick)  – Wait, wot? This is supposed to be stuff I do now. My tastes are a little more extreme than that.
  • Give up all hope of the Coalition giving us a decent Budget to promote economic growth (Andrew) – Again, this isn’t something I’ve got to to give up.
  • Sucking tramps cocks (Adrian) – Oh, you!
  • Ice cream (Brooke) – Ah, a sensible suggestions again.
  • Sarcasm (AndyMc_) – I did try this one last year, but only lasted a few hours.
  • Using cotton buds to clean out your ears. It’s wrong, but it feels so gooood! (LilvixenUK) – How else can you clean your ears if you give this up?
  • After asking what I liked the most Minecraft (steelrattus)
  • The colour red. No red smarties, no blackcurrant, no strawberries, no red tshirts. Or the colour grey or beige. (Lemonpillows) – A very original and creative this one, but probably a little to clever for my will power.

Ok, so from those suggestions I think this years list will be as follows;

  • Ice cream
  • Minecraft

The ice cream I’m not to worried about but over month without Minecraft is going to be very very difficult.


  1. Brooke says:

    Holy cow! I am famous! *giggling*

  2. wood says:

    Why would you want to give up something that gives you pleasure?

    Giving up for lent is GAY and CHRISTIAN.

    Tell you what, don’t play Minecraft, spend that time self flagellating instead.

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