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Things I’ve been doing rather than blogging.
Posted on Jun 19, 2011 in Life

It’s a common theme. I apologise for not blogging a lot, and then tell you what I’ve been doing instead. This post in no exception to that theme, in fact it’s a celebration of it.


I have been doing some writung. I’ve wrote articles on ObsoleteGamer, and ObscureInternet. Such as ADYA & GEISHA – CHERUBINOS ARIA and PROJECT ZOMBOID.  I’ve recently agree to write for Commodore Is Awesome which is a blog about all things Commodore, I’ve got some long unfinished posts from these blog which I will finish up for it. I’ve also kicked off the Borotweetup blog, which is worth checking out if you are from or based around Middlesbrough.


I have still been visiting the gym, although not as often as I’d like, but it’s hard to juggle these things, especially with the gym being so far away.  I’m also still going to Karate twice a week and I shall be going for my next belt in a couple of months, which should be interesting.

The company I work for are encouraging the employees to get healthy by registering their weight, exercise, and steps taken over the next three months. I’m taking part in this, as it bring out the competitive side of me, which is a good thing.

Playing Games

Playing expensive AAA titles for your game console is so mainstream, all the cool people are playing games developed by Indepant developers, and so am I. Recently, I’ve been addicted like a crackwhore to Minecraft, but I’ve also been playing Terraria, Cortex Command, VVVVVV and Project Zomboid. I’m going to get some features and reviews about them on Obsolete Gamer soon.


Did a bit of camping at the lake district during the end of may. It poured down the whole time. Here’s a picture of some ducks to illustrate.


Boro Tweets Ups

As I’ve posted about in the past, I’ve been attending and helping to arrange the borotweetups, a meeting of people on twitter users from Middlesbrough and surrounding areas. Each tweet up is attracting more people and  it’s a great night out.


That’s all I can think off for now, but the main point of this post was just to get writing again, hopefully this will kick off some more posts in the near future.


  1. Morteza says:

    Hi: You seem a very active person.It is nice to go to gym and do Karate. I wish I could be in your place. I am a bit! overweight – 17 kgs. God bless and quack – quack

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