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More things I’ve been doing rather than blogging.
Posted on Jul 17, 2011 in Life

Has it been almost a month since that the last ‘things I’ve been doing rather than blogging’ posts, doesn’t time fly when you are doing things other than blogging.


More bits of writing. Battle Squadron remake news for ObsoleteGamer, a  Dorks Dilemma review and a plug for All things Mastertronic on Commodore is Awesome.


Being doing a bit of Travelling with trips to Sheffield, Lytham and Manchester Training. Even managed to squeeze in a bit of class room based training, the first in many years, on SAP Business Objects, which is a very nice bit of reporting software.


Attended a couple of events in Middlesbrough. At the start of July there was BoroTweetUp and the Headline Honey’s 2nd Big Birthday. Last week there was the United Colours of Middlesbrough outdoor event, in opposition to the racist EDL march on the same day.

A today was the very very rainy Middlesbrough Mela. Which spoilt what is usually an excellent day.


I’ve also been playing with Google+ these last couple of weeks. If you haven’t managed to snag a invite just ask below, or if you want to put me in one of your circles, my profile is at

I’ve got some proper blog posts coming shortly, and an some more information about C64 Week.

Leave some feedback.

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