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The First Commodore 64 Week
Posted on Aug 9, 2011 in c64

Well I think it’s safe to say the least week’s first ever c64 week was a big success. We had avatars changed, games played, music listened to, tweets tweeted, Facebook posts posted, and blog posts written.

There was a couple of completions. IlRoberto of has a guess the c64 screenshot competition with prizesKate-Z also had a screen shot competition, this time just for fun on twitter, which kept us entertained, and some times confused when she made it a lot more difficult.

Anna Black had a c64 week special Anorak on SlayRadio, even if there was some technical issues with the stream we still had fun. You can down and listen to the show from the Slay Radio download page.

We discussed our favourite C64 games, such as

Zak McKracken
Epyx Games Series
8bitweapon‘s Silo 64
Daley Thompsons Decathlon

And our least favourite C64 Games.

Which is pretty much Intergalactic Cage Match, warning the below video may make you cry.

There was new music to listen from C64 Remix site;

Kd8bxp posted this Video on how; Unbuntu supports SID files natively –

Also at the end of week where the already established c64 events of the

Slay Radio Gathering (Sweden)
Assembly Summer 2011 Demo Party (Finland)
Little Computer People Party 2011 (Sweden)

At the end of the week, we had fun and played some c64 games at that’s what it all was about. So 65535 thanks to everyone who took part and supported c64 week.

Until next year.


  1. Berry says:

    Every week should be c64 week. 🙂

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