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Have McDonald’s banned Poppies?
Posted on Oct 30, 2011 in Politics

The quick answer is; Probably Definately Not. The longer answer goes as follows;

McDonald’s have banned staff wearing poppies. Time to complain McDonalds Restaurants complaints department 0208 700 7007 please RT

This is message I spotted on Twitter* earlier. There is no link to reputable news source at the moment confirming or denying these claims, or any recent link on the subject for that matter.

The main source of this rumour seems to be veteransassociation twitter account. Which looks very much like an amateur effort not maintained by any professional body. It’s currently being Retweeted about 10 times per minute the moment.

So I did a bit of searching myself and found news stories from Canada in 2010 where staff we told to wear Royal Canadian Legion poppy stickers instead because of the possibility the poppy could fall off or come apart in a food prep area.

The only real update information is from Twitter. Andy Sollis on Twitter claims to have spoken to a Mcdonald’s manager and he has advised;

“[staff] Are being issued pin poppys as normal poppy health risk in food prep area”

Update – 22:35 30/10/100 – More from Andy;

“checked with friend who is manager at Northampton prems. Original paper and plastic poppies are not to be worn due to h&s etc.  however, she tells me that company has purchased pin badge poppies for staff and their choice to wear rather than pin or paper or plastic stem ending up in your big mac or fries! They are in support. I have no connection with the company. Andy”

Update – 31/10/100 – Katie Holland. A member of the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Twitter Team, posted this on Twitter.

McD’s UK is providing sticker poppies for our front counter crew to wear if they choose, and Poppies are [available for] Purchase.

Also Dionne Parker Head of UK Communications at McDonald’s wrote this

McDonald’s UK fully supports the Poppy Appeal

We provide special sticker poppies for all front counter employees to wear, if they want. We also have poppies available in our restaurants for customers to buy and they’re on sale in our offices.

So we have no real concrete evidence either way. However since the burden of evidence is on accuser, I recommend on take this claim with a pinch of salt. If you have any information please post it in the comments below. So there we have it. Despite these claims being repeated thousands of times over twitters McDonald’s have not banned Poppies

As usual I would say we shouldn’t pass on any sorts of claim/rumour (on Facebook, Twitter or even real life) until there is a definite and reputable news source.

*Interesting that these rumours are spreading via Twitter and not Facebook.


  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for this, chief.

    I saw the same tweet and was immediately suspicious that there was no source for the claim. A quick bout of googling and this was the only real link.

    Thanks for doing the research so lazy sods like me don’t have to…

  2. cyberdoyle says:

    I checked the story before I retweeted it with the #canada hashtag, but didn’t check the date. doh. it was last year’s news.

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