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How Game UK wasn’t hacked but Video Game News sites were.
Posted on Jan 16, 2012 in Gaming

Earlier today a story broke on Softepedia (I think they were first, I may be mistaken), written by their “Security News Editor“, stating Videogame retailer Game website had been hacked and user details including email and passwords had been posted on line, specifically on pastebin.

As videogame related news often does this information then quickly spread to a lot of other websites, mostly via video game bloggers’ copy and paste keys. However even a replutible source like ComputeractiveMCV and NowGamer carried the story, although as “reports” of a hack.

The only problem being Game hadn’t been hacked, and if anyone of at one these sites had committed fifteen minutes worth of research would have quickly notice that this list of users is mostly taken from this list of hacked emails accounts which are primary based in Indian and Pakistan and was release Oct 2011.

Even a couple of minutes copy and pasting a few of these emails accounts into Facebook search would have relieved this accounts where based outside of the UK and therefore very unlikely to belong to Game UK customers.

However in the race to publish the story none of the above websites did this. They waited until Game themselves issued a denial before admitting that the story was wrong. Softpedia still haven’t updated their story despite Game issuing their statement over an hour ago, so much for updated minute ago.

This is a rather sad state of affairs for Video Game journalism.

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