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Happy 30th Birthday ZX Spectrum
Posted on Apr 23, 2012 in Technology

The machine that kick started the British home computer boom of the 80’s the ZX Spectrum is 30 years old today. A humble machine of only 48k and costing only £125, Less than half the price of its nearest competitor. It brought affordable computing to British (and a few European) homes.

ZX Spectrum Rubber Keys

Although I did own a Sinclair ZX81 at one point, I never had a Spectrum myself. I was introduced to the Spectrum though a friend who had one. I can still remember seeing it play games like Spy Hunter, Chucky Egg and Jet Set Willy the first and being blow away by it. It’s possible my love for computers and computers games was born in that moment. However a few years later the Commodore 64 came along a stole mine, any many other peoples’ hearts.

Sadly Sinclair was sold to Amstrad in 1986, and despite releasing a few Spectrum variations like the Spectrum +2 and +3 the Spectrum was lost to the mists of time.

There are still games being made for the Spectrum like More Tea Vicar (I knew a girl called that once). Also people are still do clevering things with a Spectrum, like updating twitter.

If you have an urge to check out what it was like there is a very clever Java ZX Spectrum emulator.

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