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Posted on Jul 5, 2012 in Life

Good evening, it’s been quite awhile, but I’m always saying that aren’t I?

Despite what you might think I haven’t been hiding in a hole for the last fews months/years/decades. I have actually done something, not a lot of things, and maybe not very interesting things but things.

I made a wee game, yes it’s another clone of Blitz, but it counts. I’ll post more details about it shortly.

I’m still running the @teestweets twitter account. It suddenly occurs to me, despite running this account for almost two years, I’ve not mentioned it before. I really am a terrible excuse for a blogger. I shall have to write a full blog post about that too. I’m still co-organising the borotweetup events with Yaffa Phillips. That I have mentioned before.


The Boro Tweet up now includes the Bar and Books events, which started off as its own little event, but is now run at the same time and location as the tweetup.

As part of the #borotweetup related events, I’ve seens an England U21 game and a Werbeniuk live music gig in Darlington.

I’ve also been attending other local events such as Refresh Teesside and Cultural Conversations, but I’ll cover these in their own blog posts. That’s three new posts I’ve promised, I’d better stop doing that.

Last month, was the now annual (I’ve been twice) camping trip with Bill Wood and his bunch of strange mates. I’m not sure as it counts as camping as we were staying in a barn for a couple of nights. It was however a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

In family related news I took the family to see the Olympics torch and the related corporate sideshow travel into Middlesbrough.

Conor has graduation Year 8 as school. Whatever that means, I don’t remember having to graduate 2nd year at my school.

We celebrated Suzanne’s birthday last week by become a two kindle household. Sadly she’s now reading those Shades of Grey books.


Most excitingly my niece give birth to a beautiful young girl called Lorna, making me a Great Uncle. It’s an upgrade from mediocre Uncle, but makes me sound much older than I am. Thanks goodness I can still pass for 30. Don’t argue with the facts. It’s been confirmed by numerous people, some of them slightly sober.

Finally as you may have noticed I’ve changed the design of this blog. So it’s now slightly better/worse (delete as appropriate). If you have any feedback, leave them in comments below.


  1. I won my first go at Blitz! Fun game and the browser version looks good!

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