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Bad Twitter Habits
Posted on Sep 24, 2012 in Technology

I’m a big Twitter fan, and I sometimes just to keep things interesting I’ll mass follow a few hundred new users. I find it difficult to follow too many users so I won’t keep following all these users for more than a few weeks. I’ll just wait until someone tweets when of the below bad twitter habits and then I’ll just unfollow them.

So if you don’t do anything of these things, and are interesting then I’ll probably keep following you, maybe.

  • You Retweet any of the following.
    • The Daily Mail.
    • The Sun.
    • Paul ‘Shit’ Staines / Guido Fawkes.
    • That other guy Fawkes dressed lolertarian idiot.
    • Any one of those ‘hilarious’ ‘parody’ accounts.
    • Your Horoscope. Why would anyone but you be interested in your horoscope.
    • Old memes. Especially Chuck Norris jokes. They officially stopped being funny in 2006.
  • Five or more Retweets or Automated tweets in a row.
  • Use of Punctuation is like this!!!!!!
  • Automated Direct Messages
  • Using TrueTwit validation service. If you need to Validate your followers (you don’t), then do it yourself.
  • Tweeting about any of the following;
    • Hollyoaks
    • Only way Is Essex
    • Geordie Shore
    • The Big Bang Theory.
  • Ignoring my @mentions and direct messages (Huge hypocrisy alert).
  • RTing you Follow Friday mentions.
  • Racism/Homophobia – Sadly more common than you would think.
  • “That awkward moment.” Tweets
  • Text speak. 140 character isn’t an excuse for none words such ‘ur’ and ‘b4’.

Of course, I’m aware me following you isn’t a grand prize. I just wanted to get these out of my head and write them all down.

I’d also asked people on twitter to post what they think are the worst twitter habits. Have a look at the responses to the following tweet.

I did want to post the actually responses but the Twitter embed in WordPress isn’t working properly.

If you have any other habits, please post them in the comments.


  1. Hey whats wrong with Hollyoaks?
    I see you started using custom fonts. Looking sharp on my Retina display.

  2. So yeah, as I just Tweeted, if I need to tell you something world-shatteringly important, I know the tao of Twitlonger.

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