Glen McNamee
Middlesbrough’s BNP candidate 2012
Posted on Nov 14, 2012 in Politics

BNP Nugget The BNP have put up a candidate for the Middlesbrough 2012 bi-election.

He is a chap called Peter Foreman, he’s a a Newcastle Utd fan from South Tyneside. Obviously the BNP are in such a bad state at the moment (hurray!), they couldn’t get anyone from Teesside to represent them.

He’s a Member of the the South Tyneside branch of the BNP. In the last council elections he came forth in South Tyneside Simonside & Rekendyke ward. He went to Hackney Downs School, Hackney (once called  the ‘worst school in Britain’ before it was closed in 95) and works as a pub landlord.

Sadly he isn’t a lulzcow like their last candidate. He does have a Twitter profile, but it’s empty. His Facebook account is public, but is rather uninteresting. Just the usual low brow BNP  racism.

Here’s to him losing his deposit.

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