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Christmas Chip Tunes.
Posted on Dec 18, 2012 in Music

A Very Chiptune Christmas<

A Very Chiptune Christmas


Chiptune cheesy Christmas goodness! Exactly as holiday tunes should be! Enjoy a retro-take on some old classics!


A c64 Christmas

A c64 Christmas

by aronalliston

A collection of festive Commodore 64 SID tunes gathered from the HVSC 




by The Brothers Dizz

Here is the debut of The Brothers Dizz, two twins who got tired of normal holiday music. Destined to be the least objectionable holiday album of the year. Uncle Fred raves, “Move over Kenny G! If you had to choose one Decemberific album, you would eventually settle on this one. You’d only regret it a little.”

It's a Chiptune Holiday!

It’s a Chiptune Holiday!

by ComputeHer & 8 Bit Weapon

ComputeHer & 8 Bit Weapon have whipped up a tasty batch of delicious holiday chiptunes for everyone! Go ahead; sink your aural teeth into some fresh chiptune goodies while you drink up a hot mug of 8 Bit delight on a cold winter’s day. Time tested holiday favorites that everyone can sing along to or entertain with at a holiday festivity!

chipWINter by Chiptunes = WIN


by Chiptunes = WIN \m|♥|m/

A selection of winter themed tunes from the people who brough you the amazing  Chiptunes = WIN \m|♥|m/  compilation. Best of all 100% of ALL payments are considered donations to fund further Chiptunes = WIN projects.


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