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How not to use Twitter – @wikimunity and Hash Tag Spam
Posted on Jul 18, 2013 in Internet

When used correctly Twitter is a great tool to promote you business. Also Twitter Hash Tags are a great way of indexing and finding information. You can simply click on a subject marked with a #, and find out in real time what people are saying about it on Twitter.

That is, unless someone is abusing the Hash Tag to promote something else.

This where @wikimunity comes in. They are Hijacking Hash Tags unrelated to their business to try amd promote their own tweets.




The theory behind this is someone wanting to know about #TheWolverine will see their tweet and will follow them. What happens in reality is people see this tweet has nothing to do with new Wolverine film, get annoyed, think wikimunity are dicks, and probably block and report them for spam.


Also when someone calls you out on in, try and be less of a dick. “Cool Story Bro” is so last decade.

EDIT: 18 July 2013 14:30 – The “cool story bro” delete was deleted, and replaced with a Sorry tweet. I suggested wikimunity removed all the hashtagged tweets, and they have now done so.

However someone is now posting abusive comments as Chris Peacock and “Glen McNamee is a butthurt fag” which I’ve not approved.

EDIT: 18 July 2013 15:00 The tweets communicating with myself have no been deleted too.


  1. Bill says:

    I joined in I joined in

  2. Phil Ming says:

    wikimunity hasn’t posted any off this stuff unless they have removed it?

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