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Posted on Oct 8, 2013 in Blogging

snapshotFeeling slightly inspired today. I’ve give the blog design a little update. Sidebars are so out now.

I’m not sure I like it. So please leave any thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s very clean and minimal Glen. I like it, but it could do with a bit of personality (maybe).

    It depends what style you are going for though. A lot of it is down to personal taste too

  2. Source Sans Pro—great font.
    I reckon you could improve readability if you shorten the line length (13-15 words per line) and increase the line height to something like 150%
    I agree with ‘Anonymous’ it’s missing that Glen-ness.
    It’s good that you are questioning the out-of-the-box features of blog, like sidebars etc? I’d be interested to know how many people use those features? Maybe you analytics will give you some insight? If they are used keep em if not then get rid!

    • Glen McNamee says:

      I’m still experimenting with fonts, and thanks for the feedback I’ve implemented both your suggestions.

      Regards the sidebar features, I’ve moved a lot of them in footer. However I think how people read blogs has changed. Traffic is pretty much driven completely from Social Media, they read the front page and leave. Sidebar content is ignored.

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