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Views of Europe (from Hotel Windows)
Posted on Sep 23, 2014 in Life

I’m very lucky because sometimes my job takes me to interesting and beautiful places. I’m not lucky enough to have a lot of time in these places, and usually just get the view them out of the window of my Hotel room, or a Taxi on the way to a meeting.

I thought I would share some images from my recent trips.

2014-08-21 20.24.23

During August I got to visit Dusseldorf This is what looked like to me out of the Hotel Window.

2014-09-16 00.25.56

Last week I was in Helsinki, it was past midnight when I arrived so there wasn’t much to see.

a2014-09-16 05.01.34

However the next morning, I had this rather beautiful view of the sunrise.

a2014-09-16 15.10.49

This is later in the day. Helsinki is a really beautiful city. I wish I got to see more of it. If I do I’ll make sure I get some nice pictures.


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