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2014 – A year in Review.
Posted on Jan 1, 2015 in Life

2014 was a year. Lets do one of those retrospective things on it. Mainly pictures, because pictures are easy and words are hard.

The most important thing to happen in 2014 was  the very cute Kittens I got for Christmas 2013 grew up into a big old cats, or at least larger one year older cats.

Cute little Kittens, to some sort of giant Puma creatures.

A cute and important pair of siblings were born in 2014. Sienah and Lucas, my little godchildren.


As part of my job I was luck enough to be able to travelled to Düsseldorf, Germany twice and Helsinki, Finland once.

Sunrise in Helsinki

I also got to visit less glamorous UK based locations. At one of which I managed to annoy BMW security.

Sorry BMW, our car park was full.

I regularly attend the local events Refresh Teesside and Game Bridge. I also went to as many Teesside Sceptics in the Pub as I could get to. I even attended to Boro Match for the first time in ages.

Boro vs Bournemouth

I did was part of the two Instagram Jam Middlesbrough events  that happened. Some of pictures I took were featured on the cover of the Discover Middlesbrough booklet.

Attended local events such as Armed Forces’ day, Discover Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough Mela, the Town Meal and Pride Middlesbrough.

Watching Middlesbrough on Film 2 Electric Boogaloo

Visited local tourist spots in Great Ayton, Whitby, Redcar, Scarborough and Saltburn.

I purchased the best five films ever made on Bluray.

Also maybe Aliens

Like everybody else in the known universe I did the Ice Bucket Challenge (Facebook link), because that was a thing.

I read a disapointing 24 books. The books weren’t disappointing, the number of them was.

I made five Videogames, but I’ll do another post on them.

Erm, that’s it…

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