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Ten reasons to back the Back In Time Live Brighton Kickstarter
Posted on Mar 2, 2015 in c64

Back in Time Live a live concert of music from the 1980’s 8-bit home computer Commodore 64 music hosted by Video Game musician and legend Ben Daglish feature performances from bands SID’80s, PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, Fastloaders and more. However this event will only happen if the Kickstarter is successful, so here are some reasons why you should back it.

Back in Time Live 2015It’s the only Commodore 64 music event in the world

There is no other Commodore 64 related music event. If you like Chipmusic or the Commodore 64 this is your only chance to get to one.

You can back the event even if you can’t make it.

Even you can’t attend the event, you can still back it and help it happen. You can Pledge £5 and get gallery of hi-res photos of the event afterwards. You can also pledge £10 and get access to download 1080p bootleg video with audio recorded from front-of-house and access to a gallery of hi-res photos of the event afterwards. All backers will also get a download of Matt Gray’s exclusive C64-inspired track.

You get free stuff

All Backers will be given at least one free surprise CD digital album download regardless of whether the Kickstarter succeeds or fails.

Ben Daglish is excellent compère.

Commodore 64 musician legend will, as he has done at earlier events, be the compare for the evening. Here’s an interview to give you an idea what you are in for. Kickstarter backers get the full version of this interview with Ben Daglish.

Great Acts

SID80sSID’80s – Stuck in D 80’s 

A Supergroup of Commodore 64 musicians including

Ben Daglish – C64 game composer -Flute, Guitar, Wind Synth
Jon Hare – Sensible Software – Guitar
Mark Knight / madfiddler – Game sound designer – Electric Violin
Jeremy Longley – Game programmer – Bass Guitar
Marcel Donne – C64 remixer – Keyboards
Andreas Wallstrom – C64.COM webmaster and long-time member of the demo scene

Press Play on Tape


PRESS PLAY ON TAPE is the Commodore 64 revival band, (almost) exclusively playing tunes from the Commodore 64 as rock on real instruments. They are six guys from Copenhagen: Jesper Holm Olsen and Martin Koch on guitars, André Ticher and Theo Engell-Nielsen on keyboards, Søren Trautner Madsen on drums, and Uffe Friss Lichtenberg on bass.

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE was formed at the department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen in 2001 and has played ever since. Fastloaders


FastLoaders is the trio behind “The Last Ninja Musicology” a complete music library of the entire Last Ninja series; The Last Ninja, Last Ninja 2 and Last Ninja 3, recorded live with 3 real musicians on real instruments. They will play guitar-led highlights from Last Ninja 1, 2 and 3

David Dunn

The Commodore 64 musician behind such games as Flight Path 737 – Advanced Pilot Trainer, Daley Thompson’s Decathlon and Elite will play some of his classic tracks on the piano.

You can meet Commodore 64 legends

In attendance will be; Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, Giana Sisters) Jon Hare (Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer, Wizball) Mel Croucher (Automata, Deus Ex Machina) Ben Daglish (Last Ninja, Krakout, Trap) Marcel Donne (Scorpion, Amyloid) David Dunn (Flight Path 747, Finders Keepers, Gilligan’s Gold) Adam Gilmore (Draconus, Zybex, Afterburner) Fred Gray (Mutants, Breakthru, Frankie Goes To Hollywood) Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2, Driller, Dominator) Simon Nicol (Crazy Comets, Mega Apocalypse) and more…

You can meet other members of the scene.

In attendance will be; Slaygon (Slay Radio, C64 Remixer) Alistair Boz Bowness (Slay Radio, C64 Remixer) Marcus “Makke” Lagré (Slay Radio, C64 Remixer) Anna Black (Slay Radio) Sam Dyer (Bitmaps books, writer of Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium and Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium) Kate Lorimer (C64 Remixer) Johnnathan Taylor (The SID Station) and many more… Leave a comment below if you want adding to this list.

Brighton is a nice place

Brighton is one of the UK’s top seaside resorts, a city of 250,000 people, and it is 30 minutes on the train from London Gatwick Airport and available to get to from Heathrow.

Previous events have been brilliant

In 2001 Chris Abbott had the idea of playing Commodore 64 music loud in a glossy environment, and so launched Back in Time Live in DNA Nightclub in Birmingham. 2002 saw live acts got involved in at the gig in Gossips Nightclub, Soho. PRESS PLAY ON TAPE and Machinae Supremacy performed In 2003 the legendary Rob Hubbard to played pieces on piano in front of an audience of over 300, at the Brighton Centre,  and got together a new with this years performers SID80s. In 2004, the was at St. Luke’s Church where the London Symphony Orchestra rehearse, and did another concert for the DVD. Next was a DJ-themed event, at Spitalfields, London in 2007, starring the legends Jeroen Tel, Reyn Ouwehand, and 8-Bit Weapon/ComputeHer. In 2008 it was Stockholm, with the biggest audience yet, and a brand new super-group “6581”, along with Jeroen and Reyn: The last event was a small charity event in Manchester in 2013 with Jeroen Tel, 8-Bit Weapon, ComputeHer and TDK. This was the first event I visited, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

It can’t happen with your help

The Kickstarter is at just over half the goal with only 5 days remaining. If it’s not successful the event will not happen. I really want to go, so please Go back it now!

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