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Three Bigots Standing for Middlesbrough Council
Posted on Apr 21, 2015 in Politics

It’s election time againThis is my favourite time, as I get to dig through candidates social media profiles to see exactly what sort of people they are. Usually they are just normal boring people, or even worse normal boring politicians.

However sometimes I find some pretty awful stuff, like these three people
Dave-Cottrell[1]Dave COTTRELL (UKIP) – Kader Ward

David Cottrell ran in the 2013 council elections. He was member of the local UKIP party along with his conspiracies theorist and EDL supporting partner Michael Johnson, and is part of UKIP’s LGBT division. He ran in the Pallister ward and came second with 262 votes (28%).

I wrote about him in 2013 in UKIP’s Slightly Racist David Cottrell. He didn’t like when I posted about him and so he made a bit of arse of himself in the comments.

He is also fan of some pretty horrible and bigoted Facebook pages like Izlam IS a Mental Disease.

He has since deleted his Twitter account and hidden most of his Facebook posts. This is only evidence of his bigotry and silliness left on Facebook.


So look at the blog post I wrote previously to get a better idea of what he is like.

Nigel Patrick Connor (UKIP) –  Longlands and Beechwood Ward

Nigel Conor’s Facebook profile paints him as your textbook angry Kipper.



All pretty standard incoherent right wing rage.


Here’s where it starts to get a bit racist.


This is where he starts to share some dubious “new” stories all with a pretty racist theme.


This is claim you’ll often hear from EDL. Obviously it’s not supported by evidence which is why obscures blogs are posted rather than reputable sources.


He shares content from pages like “Right Wing News”


Pegida is a German far right anti-Islam political organisation. Pegida supporters have been seen making Hitler Slatues as recently as yesterday.


Britain First is a far-right British nationalist political party and movement formed in 2011 by former members of the racist British National Party.

He also a fan of some pretty dubious pages on Facebook.


Pamela Geller is a racist hate blogger and inspiration for racist mass murderer terrorist Anders Behring Breivik and is banned from entering UK.
I thought I’d leave the best worst until last. Doesn’t UKIP have rules against members supporting the EDL?

Joan McTigue (Independent) – Longlands and Beechwood

I’m reluctant to add Joan to this list, as she has a history of harassing people, sometimes getting their details from the electoral register to do so. However she’s probably the biggest bigot here and has been an elected councillor since 2003 despite having over a dozen complaints about her and her spending most of her time on Facebook and the Evening Gazette website writing bile in the comments.

I could be here all day if I posted all the crazy shit Joan has said and done. So here’s an example of something she said recently.


There’s is so much wrong with this it’s difficult to know where to start. However here’s the Wiktionary definition of Paki available via a quick google search.

Paki acquired offensive connotations in the 1960s when used by British tabloids to refer to subjects of former colony states in a derogatory and racist manner. In modern British usage “Paki” is typically a derogatory label used for all South Asians, including Indians, Afghans and Bangladeshis.

The third word is “offensive” so that’s a pretty big clue. I’d also argue that the sort of idiot that uses this word isn’t that great at identifying South Asians and uses it as an insult to anyone darker than white, but not dark enough to use other racists insults.

The second part of this is Joan thinks “We” use the words “Wop”, “Iti”, “Chinky”, “Micks” and “Degos” and no one bats an eyelid. Only in a racist 70’s Sitcom would you see this works commonly used.

Her Facebook profile is pretty crazy too.


Feminism does what now?


Why does this not surprise me. Another racist follows Britain First.

If you like this sort of craziness. You can read some of the comments she made on the internet here on her disqus profile. These are just the comments she’s made under her own name she often sockpuppets making comments using other accounts.

Her tweet archive is interesting reading too. Using these tweets see if you can guess who should was arrested for harassing.

Dis-honourable mentions this two candidate who almost made the list.

Anthony Birtle (UKIP) – Brambles and Thorntree

For his  EDL support.

In case you think I’m picking on UKIP. I checked all candidates including Labour, Independents and Lib Dems and these were the only ones that stood out. I’m actually pleasantly surprised there wasn’t more bigoted UKIP candidates. So well done their UKIP, unless you’ve just got better at hiding it.

Bigots aren’t nice people and they shouldn’t hold public office. If these candidates are in your wards please vote for someone else.

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