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How I became the Zoella of sewage
Posted on Oct 11, 2016 in Life

So I was on the Metro travelling to Newcastle Airport. Why I was doing this was, like most things I do, unimportant. The important thing is a poster I saw on my Metro travels.

Ghost lol

It wasn’t this poster for Sunderland Empire’s showing of Ghost. I don’t know why, but I find plays based on old films starring faded soap starts hilarious.


It was this picture of a Northumbrian Water billboard featuring Dwaine Pipe. Dwaine Pipe, Rain Pipe, get it? I hope you do because that pun is pretty much the highlight of this post.

I couldn’t keep something like this to myself so obviously I had to tweet about it. Disappointingly the tweet only got three likes and zero retweets.

Eleven days later I received this reply on twitter.

Senpai Pipe had noticed me and more importantly had offered me some free stuff. I took up the offer, as free is my favourite price. A few days later this arrived.







I wasn’t asked to give anything in return for these items, but I’m happy to sell out for a pinny. I suggest you check out the following;

Most of all Love your drain.

Finally if your PR company has some stuff you want to send my way, get in touch.

Leave some feedback.

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