Glen McNamee
Some words about me…

Glen McNameeHappily married with one son. Born and bred in Middlesbrough, I promote the town as much I can. I have an unhealthy love of the Commodore 64, Game Development and Chiptune music.

I’ve worked in IT for the past 20 years. I have been working for the past ten years for a top Fortune 500 global business and technology services company. Working in ITIL Service Management process deployment for Government and Blue chip accounts all over Europe. I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional and ITIL v3 certified. Read the rest of my CV here.

Runs Social Teesside – A Teesside based business promoting local business, events and good causes using social media. As I co-organised and ran the Boro Tweet Up and Bar and Books events.

I have been blogging since 2001. I have written Video game related material from Obsolete Gamer and Commodore is Awesome. I’m the Founder of ObscureInternet website and Webmaster of OrchestralMedia. I moderate the Commodore 64 Reddit, and run the twitter account Commodore 64 feed.

I have also done some Game Developement as a Hobby. I’ve wrote the computers games Obscure Blitz, Obscure Plorrds and Obscure Super Plorrds from Commodore Amiga. Obscure Plorrds was featured in UK Game Magazine Amiga Power. I took part in One Game A Month in 2013 and a few other Game Jams.

I’ve wrote some deliberately bad remixed music as part of the terrible remix competition. I have also arranged a piece of music that wasn’t supposed to be terrible.