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New Design
Posted on Oct 8, 2013 in Blogging

Feeling slightly inspired today. I’ve give the blog design a little update. Sidebars are so out now. I’m not sure I like it. So please leave any thoughts in the comments below.

Welcome Back Mercuryvapour
Posted on Apr 24, 2012 in Blogging

Well after saying Goodbye Mercuryvapour, it looks like I spoke too soon. Mercuryvapour is back with three long new posts.

Goodbye Mercuryvapour
Posted on Feb 29, 2012 in Blogging

Jamie is killing his blog, 11 years coming to end just like that. Although I understand his reasons, I’m still sad about it.

Managing Life
Posted on Sep 16, 2010 in Blogging, Life

So after my success in getting my weight down. I’ve been looking at my goals again lately. The idea is to use Remember the Milk to manage my short term (life, website and work) tasks and 43things for my long term goals. I’ve got a Remember the Milk  pro account and the android application installed on my HTC […]

New Custom Built WordPress Style
Posted on Jun 27, 2010 in Blogging

I’ve just finished the new design, although I suspect they will be some bug fixing in the next few days.

So what do you think? Leave me a comment, in the newly redesigned comments section, which now features nested comments.

Dennis Markuze nut job
Posted on Apr 2, 2010 in Blogging

I got some comment spam this morning, from the famous Dennis Markuze. He’s a famous Nostradamus nut job who has threatened to kill PZ Myers and all atheists.

Clever Spam
Posted on Oct 28, 2009 in Blogging

Last week I received the follow comment on one my C64 related blog posts Akismet has flagged it up as spam, but when I looked it I found the comment was on topic (the C64 being old school and 80s) the user had a gravitar and reasonable looking email address, so I was tempted to […]

Lazy Bloggings
Posted on Aug 18, 2009 in Blogging, Life

As you may have noticed I’ve not done much blogging recently, so to make up for it here is a massively long post (for me). I’ve been on a two week break from work ,as a usually do this time of year, and a few things have happened during this break. First of all was […]

Another new blog design.
Posted on Nov 10, 2008 in Blogging, c64

Yes, in case you’ve hadn’t noticed by now I’ve tweaked the design again, and this time I’m happy with the results.  Here’s a little sneak preview of design for those of you reading the RSS feed. Also when I change the design again this image will also be a nice reminder of how the blog use to look. […]

It’s Post 500!
Posted on Oct 28, 2008 in Blogging, Life

This blog has has passed two very big milestones recently. Firstly the move from ObscureInternet to it’s own domain ( and it’s seventh Birthday, which was on August 8th. Yes, this blog is over seven years old, isn’t that amazing! These two milestones seems to be a great excuse, to me at least, to have a […]

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