Glen McNamee
Transformers 2 will suck and you’re an idiot if you think otherwise.
Posted on Jun 18, 2009 in Film, Transformers

Transformers 2 opens tomorrow, but balls to paying to see that rubbish just so I can review it for you.

Star Trek NERD RAGE Review
Posted on May 10, 2009 in Film

Saw Star Trek last night, as I mentioned in previous posts I did have a lot of mixed feelings about the film especially as it involves rewriting Star Trek History and especially that the people responsible for this re-write are the people who wrote the appalling Transformers. Star Trek fortunately is a much better film than […]

A few Cloverfield thoughts
Posted on Feb 3, 2008 in Film

Me and Chovi caught Cloverfield on Friday and I thought I would share some thoughts on it (mild spoilers ahead), I’d been looking forward to seeing the trailer last July. In fact you can track my interest from the thread in the forum. First note is if you don’t shaky cam TV or films (e.g. […]

Transformers NERD RAGE review
Posted on Aug 2, 2007 in Film

As a big Transformers fan, I’ve been awaiting the new Michael Bay movie with great Interest. I always suspected that the film would be a good action film, not a good Transformers story, but enjoyable nonetheless

Pictures, Trailers, Dreams, Mice, Games and Random questions.
Posted on Jul 17, 2007 in Film, Life

I'm sitting in a sunny Lytham St Annes (it is really sunny for a change) so I though it must be time to do a blog, I would be in the now gym but I've forgotten my gym clothes. I am current sitting in my room's little garden wearing tracksuit bottoms and the pink shirt […]

An update?
Posted on Jun 27, 2006 in Film, Life

I had a great day with Conor in Albert Park a few Saturdays back, it was Pirate Day, we saw (and participated in) a magic show, did a treasure hunt (won a Frisbee), saw some hawks and owls, bumped into Deborah and Spencer and got a little sun burnt but I think the highlight of […]

Amsterdam, Advent Children and Heinze.
Posted on Oct 4, 2005 in Film, Life

I'm Going to Amsterdam with some of the work lot, should be fun! Speaking of the work lot since we last met I Nice meal on Sunday in Sunderland with work and the wife. It was a Lovely Italian meal with good company! I also need to state Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is the […]

Illness and Watching Movies
Posted on Aug 20, 2005 in Film, Life

Another hard working week until Wednesday, when I start to feel bad. I must have caught what was making Conor ill. So I spent Wednesday Night, Thursday and Most of Friday ill in the house alone feeling sorry for myself. I didn’t get to the Gym on Wednesday and Friday like I wanted to, and […]