Glen McNamee
Bomb Jack (First Mix)
Posted on Jul 3, 2004 in c64, Music

You may have noticed that I am a published remixer now, A track a made while playing around with FL Studio has been uploaded and accepted at the esteemed Commodore 64 remix site, unfortunately there seems to be problem with the voting at the moment. Go and have a listen.

Matchday Poo
Posted on Apr 25, 2004 in c64, Music

Hey, hey. My Matchday 2 (WIP) tune is going to be played tonight on Slay Radio.

Matchday 2 Music
Posted on Mar 5, 2004 in c64, Music

I have working on a piece of music, I’ve haven’t add a proper attempt at writing a piece of music since the Amiga days. It's a remix of the menu music from the Commodore 64 game Matchday 2. I have high hopes for this piece of music, my wish is to get it accepted on […]

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