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Commodore 64 Music Links
Posted on Apr 4, 2009 in c64, Music, Websites

The best list of C64 music related websites.

Quick update on the sun, webdesign, podcasts and window wipers.
Posted on Feb 15, 2008 in Blogging, Life, Podcasts, Websites

You have probably noticed that over the last week or so that I have been blogging more. I think it is because of the change in the weather. My procrastination seems to decrease when the Sun makes an appearance, I hate the dark winters. I'm still working on the new design for the blog, but […]

Secret Santa 2007
Posted on Dec 27, 2007 in Life, Websites

This year the ObscureInternet forum members decided that this year we should have a 'Secret Santa', the main rule being The present sent must be something you already own. The value of which is entirely up to you. Anyway fast forward a few days, this arrived; Look at the address, it could only be my secret Santa gifts! So I […]

ObscureInternet Beta 2.1, Brain Training and even more Transformers.
Posted on Aug 28, 2007 in Gaming, Transformers, Websites

Hello all, Since our return from Holidays, It’s been a quiet couple of week , I’ve been mostly working on the day job and the new beta version of (which is now at version 2.1), It also looks like I’m going to be updating BrokenInglish too, as we have a web designer creating a […]

Long time no update? So bite me.
Posted on Nov 17, 2006 in Life, Links, Websites

Me and the family had a nice short holiday in Ireland, it would have been even better if I had not been sick with the flu, but never mind. This was followed up by a week long visit from me Mother, Sister and Aunt which means the odds of my winning any argument where very […]

Yes, I suck!
Posted on Oct 10, 2006 in Links, Podcasts, Websites

Right, I officially concede that I am rubbish at updating websites, which given my position is a pretty crappy state of affairs, but I’ll do my best to update you in my so called life. I’ve had a return to the Gym and I’ve actually managed on a couple of occasions to do a full […]

Bloggy Christmas and a Bloggy New Year
Posted on Jan 1, 2005 in Blogging, Fitness, Lego, Life, Transformers, Websites

What’s the point in having a blog if you don’t blog in it? It’s a good question and one I’m much less often as “Why are you so horrible”. The answer is that I’m not very good at blogging or being interesting for that matter, but today I shall endeavour to make this entry worth […]

Design Notes
Posted on Feb 2, 2003 in Websites

I’ve installed Opera and Mozilla to check out how my new XHTML design of homepage design display on alternative browsers, and I wish I had not, Bloody crappy CCS support, Three different browser the different looking websites. Personally I think the most impressive result was one a text-based browser. I have loads of Ideas for […]

MYSQL to PHP and stuff.
Posted on Oct 28, 2002 in Websites

Hello, Another update just to keep my stock of Cack up,.. Remember yesterday (the entry before this one, dummy) where I spoke of converting the MYSQL datetime field into some PHP can display, well here is the code for those of you who interested. $datetime=mysql_result($result,$i,1); $yr = substr($datetime,0,4); $mon = substr($datetime,5,2); $day = substr($datetime,8,2); $hr […]